Our Mission
To rescue, rehabilitate and release native wildlife; providing individualized care for wildlife in need and educating the public on wildlife awareness.
Our Vision
To rehabilitate wildlife and release them back into their native habitat.

How You Can Help


Are you over 18? We can use your help. Second Chance Wildlife Rescue is always looking for volunteers to help. Please contact us if you're interested.


Your support is key in meeting our goals. Click on the link to see a list of items we would appreciate receiving.

Wildlife Questions & Emergencies

Call our Hotline/Dispatch Number: (915) 920-7867

Spring and summer mean nesting and babies, lots of babies, many of whom will need our help...and yours!
We can't provide proper care without your help. THE CLOCK IS TICKING.
We need to raise money and recruit volunteers now. Please give or contact us to volunteer!

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